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Tim Cook

You guys announced a tech addiction tool that will almost help us limit our screen time and the idea is maybe put down the phone a little bit more and limit our time. So what's the thinking behind that?

You know, we've never been focused on usage as a key parameter. We want people to be incredibly satisfied and empowered by our the devices that we should but we've never wanted people to spend a lot of time on them or all of their time on them. And you know, it's a personal thing as to how much is too much. We thought a lot about this and we're rolling out great tools to both make people aware of how much time there's spending and the apps that they're spending them in. But also how many times they pick up their phone how many notifications they get who is sending them the notifications all of this kind of information. I think, you know empowering people with the facts or will allow them to decide themselves how they want to cut back or if they want to come back.

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